1. Where can I find my battery number and battery information?

With many batteries, this information is on a sticker directly on the battery. If you are not sure, you are welcome to send us some photos of the battery and the bike details by email and we will find the right battery

2. Do the WH / AH have to match the information on my battery?

No, these are variable, the larger the value, the higher the capacity and thus the service life and range.

3. What are Advance Recycling Fees?

The advanced recycling fees are charged by the state and ensure that you can dispose of your battery at any time at a disposal point or at a specialist dealer.

4. What is an original battery?

You need a new battery? Do you want the original because a replacement battery doesn't fit or isn't available?

Then our original battery is the right one for you! Take a look in ours BATTERY FINDER according to available models….

5. What is a spare battery?

Are you looking for a new or an additional battery? Do you want more range than your original battery? Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to the original battery? Your current battery works, but the range has decreased?

Then one of our many replacement batteries is for you! Take a look in our BATTERY FINDER for available models….

High-quality cells are installed in the replica batteries, and the battery management system (BMS) has been developed according to the latest technical standards.


  1. Better price/performance ratio than the original battery
  2. more powerful replacement batteries on the market than original batteries
  3. fast delivery times
  4. Premium guarantee for premium batteries means: You will almost always receive a replacement battery within 1 week if your premium battery no longer works within the guarantee period.


  1. The case may not be the same original color
  2. Dimensions may vary slightly, since more battery cells were often installed, which usually also require more space.

6. Are non-original batteries as good as original ones?

Yes, many replacement batteries are in no way inferior to the original batteries, the built-in cells often correspond to those used in the original battery packs, some replicas even offer more range at a low price.

7. My new battery is difficult to remove, it's stuck, what can I do?

Contact us, the lock on the bike can often be adjusted in just a few simple steps.

8. Do I need a new charger for a replacement battery?

Many models do not require a new charger, please refer to the product description.

9. I have one E-Bike Vision power pack for Panasonic Deluxe and am having trouble inserting the battery.

Contact us we have a detailed description for solving the problem.

Didn't find the right battery? Now to our battery finder!